Can I Get a Refund on Aeroflot?

Aeroflot provides its services across the globe. They have opted for a refund policy that is flexible and customer-friendly. You can make your refund request after canceling the Aeroflot flight ticket as per their refund policy. You can easily get a refund online or with the assistance of customer service. If you look at Aeroflot airline's refund Policy, you will find that most provisions of the policy are lenient and allow passengers to get a refund hassle-free. You can cancel your Aeroflot flight and get a full refund. You must follow the given instructions to learn about their refund policies.

The Refund Policy of Aeroflot

Aeroflot provides a refund within a few days. Even the process of getting a refund is easy. You must follow the terms and conditions of the refund policy:

  • You will only be provided a refund on the refundable ticket.
  • If you have a non-refundable ticket or partially refundable ticket, then you will either get no refund at all or a partial refund.
  • If you cancel your Aeroflot flight after 24 hours of its reservation, then you have to pay the cancellation charges.
  • After 24 hours passed, you will be charged a cancellation fee by Aeroflot as per the fare rules. 
  • You must cancel your Aeroflot flight as early as you can to avoid paying hefty cancellation charges.
  • Disabled passengers and infants under one year will be provided a full refund.
  • You will not get any refund if you cancel your flight 1 hour before its scheduled departure.
  • Usually, they provide a refund within seven business days if the payment is made from a credit card.
  • Other methods of payment may take up to 20 days for a refund.
  • You will be provided a refund in the original payment form you used during the booking.

If you follow these terms and conditions, you can conveniently get a refund. They provide a full refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of reservation. Look at Aeroflot Airlines Cancellation Policy. You will realize that they have opted for a flexible policy that allows passengers to cancel their flight and apply for a refund. At the same time, their policy also targets those passengers who habitually cancel their flights to get a refund.

The Online Process of Getting a Refund

The online process to get a refund from Aeroflot is quite easy and you can do that online using the below steps:

  • Sign in to the website of Aeroflot.
  • Choose “Manage Booking.”
  • Write down your itinerary details like your booking confirmation number and first name and last name.
  • Choose “Edit Flight.”
  • Now, you need to select “Cancel and Refund.”
  • Just fill out the refund form and you will get a refund.

How do I Claim my Aeroflot Airline Refund?   

The process for claiming the refund begins after the cancellation of the fight. People can cancel their flights in numerous ways, such as via phone calls, the web, and the airline's mobile app. But among all, the easiest one is to proceed through the web. Follow the steps given here below to learn about the process of claiming the refund. 

  • Navigate to the official homepage of Aeroflot Airlines. 
  • Choose the country and make modifications as per the destination. 
  • Then after that, click on the "Manage Your Bookings" tab. 
  • Now you need to enter the passenger's booking code and last name. 
  • Tap on the "Search" option. 
  • Click on the highlighted "Edit" option and then on the "Cancellation" button.
  • Make the payment to complete the process of cancellation of the flight. The confirmation message will be sent to your email. 
  • Finally, the refund form link be available on-screen. 
  • Now fill out the form and submit it. The refund will get credited to your mentioned account soon. 

Refund from the Airport 

In case you cannot proceed with the refund process online. Then, the customers can also claim the refund directly from the airport. You need to visit the help desk counter of the airport and show the details for the canceled flight. Then, ask the agent to apply for a refund and provide him with all the required details. The official agent will submit it and also give a copy of it to you. The refund will get credited within the prescribed days. 

Aeroflot Refund Policy   

People who booked flights with Aeroflot Airlines must have the correct information about the airline's policy, terms, and conditions. You must know about the airline's refund policy in case of a flight cancellation. A few significant points for the refund policy are mentioned here below:

  • The passenger will be entitled to a full refund if the flight cancellation is made within 24 hours of the risk-free period. The airlines will also not charge any cancellation fee. But for that, the scheduled flight departure must be after at least seven days or more. 
  • Airlines will not credit the full refund to your account if the flight is canceled after 24 hours of booking. You will be entitled to get a refund as per the ticket type.
  • For the refundable ticket, the customer will get the refund after deducting the cancellation fee from the ticket fare amount. And, for the non-refundable ticket, the passenger will only be entitled to the travel credit. The amount of travel credit can be used for future purposes. 
  • The passenger will get a complete refund if the flight cancellation is due to a medical emergency (such as injury, illness, etc.). But they will have to provide supporting medical documents at the airport. 
  • If the flight gets canceled due to technical reasons, they will get a full refund from the airline. 
  • One can claim a full refund if the scheduled flight is delayed by 3 hours or more. 

How Long will it take to get Refund from Aeroflot?

In case of an Aeroflot Refund for Cancelled Flight, a refund will be credited within 7 to 10 business days in the original mode of payment. If the refund process has some delays, the amount will take 30 days to get credited. In case of any additional issues, you can visit the airport. 

How to Cancel an Aeroflot Ticket Online? 

This airline has been reviewed as a great airline by the passengers that frequently fly with them. It provides easy change and cancellation policies. You can book your flight today with the airline. If you have already booked your flight and, due to some urgent work that needs your attention, you need to cancel the reservation, then you can cancel your flight easily. Are you pondering how to cancel aeroflot ticket online? Then there are some methods available- online, offline, and calling. If you want to cancel your ticket online to save time, then you may follow the instructions given below: 

  • Go to the official website of Aeroflot. 

  • You will find the flight-finding window on the main home page. 

  • Click on ‘Manage your bookings'.

  • Enter your reference number and last name, and click on ‘search’ to continue. 

  • Your flight information will appear on your screen. 

  • Kindly check all of your flight details carefully. Scroll a little and tap on ‘cancel’ to move further with the cancellation process. 

  • Give the reason and cancel your flight. 

  • Continue with the process of making payments for aeroflot ticket cancellation charges (if your ticket is eligible for no cancellation fee, then you do not have to pay). 

  • You will receive a confirmation regarding the ticket cancellation. 

Cancel your Flight using Offline Mode

If you are available and can head towards the airport, then you can go to the airport, find the airline terminal and reach the customer service desk. All you need to do is, tell them that you want to cancel your ticket and provide them with your booking details. Name, flight date, arrival and departure destination, number of adults, and other details. Once they cancel your ticket, you will be expected to pay the cancellation fees if your ticket is eligible for cancellation fare.

Cancel Your Flight by Calling the Airline

Aeroflot takes care of its passengers, that is why they are known to provide great customer service so that you can reach the airline without any inconvenience. You can also make a call to the customer service team of Aeroflot to cancel your flight. As you know, calling is a quick and convenient method to get in touch with anybody. Follow the steps given below:

  • Dial the customer service number of the carrier. 

  • As soon as the call connects, you will be asked to choose a language of your preference. 

  • You will be given the IVR options that you need to listen to carefully and select the key that has cancellation in it. 

  • The call agent will connect with you in a bit.

  • They will ask you for your booking details for the cancellation, and you have to make sure you provide them with the correct details so that they can cancel your reservation. 

  • Make payments if necessary. 

  • You will receive a confirmation of cancellation as soon as they complete the process. 

Aeroflot Cancellation Policy

Before you get into the whole process of cancellation, you need to know about the policy that will guide you to the rules and regulations. It is important to know about the airline and how it works before getting into any process with it. Also, it is good for the passengers to be aware so that they can protect themselves against fraud. Given below are some policies:

  • Under the Aeroflot 24 Hour Cancellation, you can cancel your reservation for free. The condition is you need to complete the process seven days after the departure days of your flight. 

  • The cancellation fare depends on the type of ticket you have purchased. 

  • About the refund, if you have purchased a non-refundable type, then you are not eligible for a refund. If you have purchased a refundable ticket, then you will get your refund once you claim it.

  • If you have purchased your seat through a third party, then you can not cancel from the airline website. 

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