How can I check in to a United flight?

A Detailed Guide for Understanding the Methods of Check-In at United Airlines

In order to board your reserved flight with United Airlines, you must obtain a boarding pass, and to do so, you must complete your check-in with the airline. There are plenty of options for check-in available that can be considered based on one's understanding, suitability, eligibility, and depending on different conditions. You can go through this guide to gain a deep understanding of all the check-in methods that United Airlines offers for their customers and access the boarding pass without facing an issue. Additionally, this guide covers the important policies of check-in that one should be aware of to determine their eligibility with a particular option. Read the mentioned segments keenly and start your journey with United Airlines smoothly.

List of different methods of check-in at United Airlines:

  • Website Check-In
  • Mobile Check-In
  • Kiosk Check-In
  • Counter Check-In

1. Website Check-In

One of the most convenient methods of check-in that United Airlines offers is through the website. A person can choose to access the boarding pass from the comfort of their home or other places at their own pace through this method. The procedure of the web check-in is easy to navigate and briefed below:

  • Start with landing on the website of United Airlines on your laptop or PC,
  • The next step should be to open the "My Trips" table on the page,
  • Opt for the "check-in" option, and you will be asked to enter your Confirmation Code and Last Name,
  • Next, tap the "Continue" key, and your reservation details will show on the screen,
  • Opt for the necessary option given on the page or directly check-in for your flight,
  • Once done, your boarding pass will load on the page, which you can download on your device or share in your email.

2. Mobile Check-In

United Airlines has also introduced its mobile application, through which one can not only receive real-time flight updates, make reservations or modifications but also check in for their flight. The mobile application is easily available on the Play Store and Apple Store. So, no matter whether you own an IoS or an iPhone, you can simply complete your flight's check on the mobile application. The following is the process that will help you with obtaining the boarding pass:

  • Install the United Airlines mobile application on your device first,
  • Then, sign in with your purchase email account,
  • Go to the "My Trips" section on the application to find all your bookings,
  • Now, click on the flight option you like to check-in for at the airline,
  • Follow the prompts showing on the mobile's screen and complete your check-in,
  • The boarding pass will be shared on the associated email for you to download on the device.

3. Kiosk Check-In

The kiosks available at airports are also a very favorable method of completing the check-in procedure and obtaining the boarding pass immediately. The self-service check-in machine, Kiosk, allows you to get the flight boarding pass by following the below steps:

  • Reach the Kiosk machine on time at the airport,
  • Input the Airlines Name and proceed with entering your confirmation code and full name,
  • After receiving the details of your flight on the screen, you must tap the "Check-In" key,
  • Now, you may have to scan your valid ID proof at Kiosk to verify your identity,
  • You may next add the required service to your reservation or skip it to complete the check-in,
  • As the check-in is completed, your boarding pass will show on the screen,
  • You must click the "Print" key to get your boarding pass at the Kiosk.

4. Counter Check-In

If someone is not comfortable with all the new check-in options for obtaining their United Airlines flight's boarding pass, they can simply opt for the counter check-in at their departure airport. It is the most used method by passengers to complete the check-in procedure for their flight. One will require a flight ticket and a government-approved ID to carry at the airport to board their reserved flight. Wait in the queue at the check-in counter for your turn. Hand over the flight ticket, your passport, and one more ID card for verification. After that, your check-in will be completed, and you will be handed in with your flight's boarding pass.

United Airlines Check-In Policies

The following are the check-in policies imposed by United Airlines that one must review:

  • Modifications and additions of the services on a United flight reservation can be done during and before completing the check-in procedure.
  • The web check-in and mobile check-in at United starts 24 hours earlier than the departure time of a flight.
  • The airport check-in begins 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure of a flight.
  • The passenger who added their pet to the reservation is only allowed to do airport counter check-in.
  • Website or Mobile check-in cannot be accessed by those who have reserved the United flight from a third party.
  • A boarding pass downloaded on a device can also be shown at the security point when boarding the flight.

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