Can you fly with your dog on Air China?

If you are planning to travel to your most awaited destination with your dog via Air China and you are unaware of the procedure, then you must go through the details provided in the forthcoming section attentively. Also, it is necessary that the passengers obey the Air china pet policy to carry their pets along with them. 

Air China pet policies: 

  • If the total dimension of the pet container exceeds 292 cm, then the customers need to pay chargers for two excess bags, and they can only be transported based on the availability of space in the cargo cabin. 
  • People with disabilities can carry their trained service dogs in the cabin free of charge.
  • Travelers cannot carry their pets and their containers in their free-allowed baggage.
  • Pets can be transported as checked baggage by paying an additional amount.
  • If the weight of the container and pet does not exceed 32 kg, then a fixed price will be applied.
  • If the total weight is greater than 32 kg and less than 45 kg, then double the price to be paid.
  • If the weight is greater than 45 kg, then triple the rate must be paid to the airlines. 
  • Travelers are only allowed to carry only one adult pet that is greater than 6 months per container and whose weight is more than 9 kg.
  • If your dog's age is from 10 weeks to 6 months & weight is under or equal to 9 kg, then two pets can be carried in a single container.

What points must be taken care of while carrying your pets in Air China?

Air China has framed special guidelines for travelers carrying their pets which must be noted by them carefully. Some of the important highlights of the same are described in the forthcoming section. 

  • If you wish to carry your pet, you must contact Air China to confirm their pet transportation terms 12 hours before your flight departure.
  • It is necessary that travelers place their pets in appropriate containers.
  • Your pets will be transported as checked baggage in the cargo.
  • Passengers must have import or export documents of their pets issued by the regional government.
  • Your pets must be properly vaccinated, and you must attach supporting documents.

Air China Pet Booking Procedure

Customers must contact Air China customer services to make the desired arrangements for their pets to be traveled along. And follow the given steps online:

  • Visit the official Air China website.
  • Navigate to special assistance.
  • Click on passengers traveling with pets.
  • Now submit the relevant information and make payment to end the booking procedure. 

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