Can you Bring Food to Flair Airlines?

An ultra-low-cost carrier airline based in Canada is Flair Airlines. Based in Alberta, Flair Airlines has a fleet size of 18 and is a four-starred flight company with exclusive services. The airline is a four-starred airline known and famous for the services they provide. If you have their flight booking and you wish to look forward to getting your own food, then you can carry the same on the airline. It is mostly recommended that you carry your water and little snacks from home as at the airports and on the aircraft, if you buy it shall be expensive. 

What is Flair Airlines Food Policy?

For the reservation of a Flair Airlines booking, you must read through the policy below to get a piece of information about what food you are allowed to carry and what not. The below mentioned policies are included in Flair Airlines’ guidelines: 

  • Avoid carrying food on hold luggage. 

  • Skip bringing gravy, as this can spill and spoil other packages. 

  • You can carry food, like packaged snacks, chocolates, hard cheese, freshly cooked eggs, etc. 

  • Make sure that you have TSA Security added to the booking so that the security check will not ask you to take the food out from the bags. 

  • Not more than 1 litre can be carried. When the liquid is more than 100 ml, you must carry the same in a clear, see-through container. 

  • Certain liquids, such as peanut butter, clarified butter, olive oil, salsa, and bottles of ketchup, must be carried along in the checked bag. 

  • Packaged food, vacuum-sealed meats, hard cheese, etc., are safe from leakages and thus can be easily carried in both carry-on and checked bags. 

  • Non-liquid cooked food can be easily carried. 

  • With babies on board, you are free to carry baby food and water without any limitations. 

How to Order Flair Airlines Meal?

You can order a customized or regular meal on Flair Airlines in three ways. These are explained below in detail. 

1. While making the booking: You can very easily get to choose a meal from the standard menu or get it customized while going through the booking process. After selecting a preferred flight, when taken to the next service, choose a seat, and then on the next page, where you get to choose condiments and beverages, select the food you wish to book for yourself, or customize a meal. Make the payments and confirm the same. 

2. On the check-in page: You can choose a meal for yourself while checking in. Through the process, when you receive the option of food, choose whatever you wish to add and then make the payments of it to confirm the order. You shall receive an email regarding this. 

3. Through Manage booking: You might even order a meal for yourself on Flair Airlines through the Manage booking process. Once you retrieve the reservation from the menu option, choose the add food option and place the order by making a payment for the same. 

4. On-board/ At the airport: You can also choose food of choice onboard inside the flight when teh cabin crew arrives with the food trolley or also when you drop your bags at the baggage counter, you can request the ground staff to add a meal for you. Here, you cannot customize the meal. You will have to choose the food from the menu list. 

Can you Take Liquids on a Carry-On Flair?

Yes, you can carry liquids in carry-on luggage on Flair Airlines. Liquids cannot be carried in the hold luggage. A maximum of 100 ml of liquid can be carried, kept, or stored in a clear container. No bags or containers having liquid of more than a litre is allowed. You can carry duty-free liquid, gels, and aerosols of not more than 100 ml. Do not skip carrying the payment receipt along with the same. 

Flair Airlines Food Menu

Flair Airlines has a range of food, snacks, and beverages which they serve on board to their customers. You can add them to your booking and enjoy the trip with this exclusive food. The price of these changes depending on availability and the market price. The menu is as follows: 

1. Fresh Food: Personalized Pizza, Bacon egg muffin sandwich, Chocolate cheese cookie.

2. Snacks: Chips, wafers, kit kat, gummies

3. Hot Beverages: black coffee, sweet and creamy coffee, hot chocolate

4. Drinks: orange juice, coca-cola, Dasani water, Diet Coke

5. Combos: Pizza and Coke, Canned drinks and quick bites, Beer and chips, Beer and pizza

6. Alcoholic drinks: Phillips blue buck, Phillips Tilt, Phillips iOTA, Emotive low key, Emotiveafter glow 

How To use Flair Airlines Meal Voucher?

If you possess a meal voucher from Flair Airlines, you can use the same to get free food on the airline. Also, this can be used with vendors who accept the same and shall help you get an attractive discount as well. 

Does Flair Airlines serve Alcohol? 

Yes, Flair Airlines serves alcohol on board. The alcohol percentage is different on these drinks, and the price also differs. 

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