Delta Airlines Baggage Information & Fee Policy

How Many bags does Delta allow for Free?

Each passenger traveling with Delta Airlines is allowed to take one carry-on baggage and one personal item that includes a purse, laptop, or a small handbag that fits underneath the seat in front of the passengers, and the airline will not charge any amount for this. Items such as a jacket or umbrellas, strollers, wheelchairs, duty-free merchandise, and carry-on baggage are free of cost. 

Do you Get one Free Checked Bag with Delta?

The passengers will have to pay for their checked bags. However, if they are Delta SkyMiles Medallion members or Delta SkyMiles American Express Card members, such passengers are not charged for their first standard baggage. They can save up to $60 on their round-trip by getting these memberships from the airline.  

Does Delta Allow 2 free Checked Bags?

Delta charge from the passengers for their checked bags. They can take one personal item and a free carry bag on the flight. The first bag will cost them $30 for one trip. If they bring their second bag, they must pay $40. Sometimes, a passenger with a Delta SkyMiles Membership is allowed to get their first checked bag for free.  

How much Luggage does Delta allow?

The passengers are allowed to get two checked bags for their travel. The baggage must be 62 inches (158 cm) in size and 23 kg in weight. Delta will charge a nominal fee if your bags fit the dimensions. If you cross this limit, the airline will charge $100 to $200 depending on the weight and size of the bag. If you wish to get more luggage for your trip, you can take up to 10 bags by paying $100 for the third bag and $200 for every bag after that.

NOTE: The airline does not permit bags above 203 cm when total Length+Width+Height and weight of 80 kg, even as oversized bags. 

How do I contact a Delta baggage Claim?

The passengers traveling with Delta Airlines who want to inform themselves about their baggage policy or any bag-related query can contact their representatives. To get the details of the baggage policy on the phone, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official page of Delta Airlines. 
  • Go to contact us and tap on special assistance and move to the baggage option and pick the number.
  • Dial 800-325-8224 and connect the call. 
  • You will now listen to pre-recorded voicemail from the airline, wait for it to end, and join a representative on the call.
  • Discuss your baggage-related queries and cut the call once your query is resolved. 

How do I Find my Lost Luggage on Delta?

The passengers who have lost or left their luggage at the airport or on the flight while traveling with Delta Airlines. They are advised to visit the Lost and Found team at the airline's helpdesk at the airport. If you are not at the airport anymore, you can dial 800-325-8224 to the Delta baggage team. They will register your complaint and help you return your luggage.  

How do I Check the Status of my Baggage Claim?

If you have lost your baggage and claimed compensation with Delta Airlines. You must have received a file reference number to your registered email id from the airline. All you need to do is visit the official page of Delta and go track baggage page from here. Now enter the reference number and last name and click to track the live status of your baggage claim.

What is Delta's Policy on Carry-on Bags?

The Passengers want to know Delta Airlines Baggage Policy for carry-on baggage can read the points below:

  • The passengers can take one carry-on baggage on the flight for free.
  • The bag must be 56cm x 35cm x 23cm in total, including handles and wheels.
  • The bag must not exceed 7 kg in weight. 
  • Liquid, gels, and aerosols to a maximum of 100 ml are allowed. 

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