Does Delta Require Documentation for Pets?

How do I Avoid Delta Airline Pet Fees?

If you want to avoid Delta Airlines pet fees, then for that here is the simplest way that you can use when booking a flight ticket is to use the travel reward credit card. For all general travel, the capital one venture reward credit card is best, and all the expenses will often code as travel points, and which can be used as off-set pet fees. If you have any other card like chase sapphire reserve, you have a $300 travel credit, including the pet fees. 

How do I Add my Dog to my Delta Flight Online?

Are you willing to get the information related to adding my dog to my Delta flight online? Then for that, you have to navigate to the official website of Delta Airlines and then begin exploring the contact us option, where you click on delta pet cargo flight and then follow all the instructions to reserve the flight ticket for a pet. 

The other method that you can use to book the flight is through the official contact number, and for that, access the official site and then search for the number that appears. When you get the official contact number to book the ticket for your pet then you must call on 800-221-1212 to reserve the ticket, then you get connected with a live person and follow the steps to complete the process. 

Do I have to Pay for my Dog fly Delta?

Yes, you must pay some charges for your dog to fly Delta. If you need a flight ticket within the US, then for that, the pet charges are $95. The charges that apply on your pet flight are separate from yours, and it depends on all the add-ons that you have taken or also on the size and height of the dog. 

There are some limited ages that you can carry on a flight, and the dog must be at least 10 weeks to travel on a domestic flight and 15 weeks old to travel to Europe. Some flights don't allow any pet to travel with passengers, so if you want your dog to fly in Delta, you need to book the ticket at least 2 weeks before the schedule. 

How Much is the Dog Fee on Delta?

To know the charges of your pet or dog fees on Delta then for that, here is the following list that you can use while booking the ticket and below are the following that mentioned:-

  • If your destination is the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, or US Virgin Islands, then for that, the charges are according to each way, and that is $95 for a ticket issued on or after Feb and $125 to issue before Feb. 

  • For international destinations, the charge for each way checked pet is $200

  • If you fly to Brazil, then for that, the pet fees are $75

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

If you are willing to get to know the details that are related to Delta airline's pet policy, then for that here are the following all details that are mentioned and below are the following to know while booking the ticket:-

  • When booking the flight ticket, you need to ensure that, according to the destinations, your pet is at least a year old. For an international flight ticket, the age must be 10 weeks, and for the European Union, they must be at least 15 weeks. 

  • Passengers are allowed to carry small dogs, cats, and household birds, and there are some limited places. They are not allowed to fly on international flights, business flights, first class, and business elite. 

  • You can carry two pets in the same flight or the same species, but the size will be between 10 weeks to 6 months within only one kennel. 

  • If your pet is a service animal, it can travel in a cabin without any charges. But, you have to notify about the pet within 48 hours. 

What Paperwork do I need to fly with my Dog on Delta?

Traveling with pets is always a concern in every passenger's mind as they must follow certain procedures and policies. Most airlines allow pet traveling, and Delta Airlines is one; while traveling with these airlines, travelers will receive multiple amenities like flight reservations with miles, allowance on extra baggage, etc. If any traveler is looking to travel with Dog but wants information about their document, they must read below. 

  • The certificate of health issues between 10 before departure 
  • Proof of vaccination for rabies
  • Forms required for the destination you are going
  • Military documents (For pets serving in the US military or defense)

How Strict is Delta's pet policy?

Delta Airlines have pet policies through which you will get the details on the kennel information, the age of your pet, charges you must pay, etc. If you need details about the pet policies on Delta Airlines, then you must go through them below. 

  • Your pet must be above 10 weeks to travel with Delta Airlines; if the pet is less than that age, the pet is not allowed to travel.
  • You must carry your pet in a kennel with a must in such shape or size that pet can stand up, turn around, etc., and only one pet is allowed in one kennel. 
  • You have to make a request for the pet 3 to 4 days before departure and carry all the official documents to show them at the airport. 
  • If you add your pet to the bookings, you must check in at the airport from the special service counter of delta airlines, and your pet must be under the kennel at the airport premises. 
  • If your flight is between the US, you must pay charges of around 95 to 150 USD; if you have any international booking, you must pay around 200 to 250 USD to travel with a pet. 
  • If your pet is a dangerous breed or if your pet is big and will not fit in the cabin compartment, then you must send it with the cargo. 
  • In the main cabin, Delta allows only 4 pets; in business class, Delta one is first-class, and aviation allows 2 pets only. 

How Old Does a Cat have to be to Fly Delta

The age limit of the cat to travel will vary as per the destination as your cat's age must be above 10 weeks to travel within the US and to travel in Europe, it must be above 15 weeks. For every other destination, the age must be above 16 weeks. Every pet must follow the age limit. If any pet does not fully fill the age criteria, it will not be allowed to travel. 

How does Delta verify a Service Dog?

To verify the service dog, customers must submit the DOT Air travel form validation before their flight, attesting to their animal's health, behavior, etc. They can submit the form using the official website of Delta Airlines, or they can reach the counter at the time of check-in. 

How Can I add a pet to Delta Airlines' Reservation? 

There are different options available using which you can add the pet to your booking. You can add it while making the reservation, or if you cannot, you can use the manage bookings mode. Follow the points below to add the pet using the manage booking page. 

  • Go to the Delta Airlines website 
  • Following this, open the section on manage bookings. 
  • Next, you must mention the last name and booking reference number in the available space. 
  • Further, you need to select the option of additional assistance and then select the pet option
  • Now you have to provide the information about your pet and save the details 
  • Last, check for any charges available, then pay them using the card or other online mode. 
  • Doing this, an email you will receive of successfully adding the pet to your bookings. 


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