Does Frontier have Inflight Entertainment?

Frontier Airlines is one of the favourite airlines among passengers globally. If you are planning your journey with Frontier and looking forward to getting some details about inflight service entertainment, you are at the right place. In this article, we will brainstorm about the topic 'inflight entertainment' and address some relevant questions like Does Frontier have screens on seats? The availability of inflight movies, and many more. So let's get started. 

Does Frontier have Screens on their Seats? 

Frontier Airlines operates a modern fleet of aircraft; the majority of their planes do not have screens on individual seats. However, the airlines had introduced a new fleet of Airbus A320neo aircraft with some rows equipped with individual seat-back screens. These screens offer an array of entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, games, and flight information. But for now, Frontier Airlines has stopped these inflight entertainment services currently so that ticket prices could be reduced and passengers could have an affordable journey. 

Does Frontier Airlines offer Inflight Movies?

Frontier Airlines currently does not offer traditional inflight movies shown on overhead screens. However, the airline does understand the importance of onboard entertainment, and hence they have taken steps to enhance the inflight experience of their passengers. Frontier allows its passengers to stream entertainment content directly to their devices through the inflight Wi-Fi service. You can speak to the staff on board if you want to know about the Wi-Fi details.

How to Watch Movies on Frontier Airlines?

If you wish to watch movies on Frontier Airlines, use the inflight entertainment service to stream the desired content to your electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Before boarding your flight, make sure to download the necessary apps or have access to the compatible browser on your device. Once onboard, you can connect to the inflight Wi-Fi network and launch the entertainment portal or app of Frontier Airlines.You can browse through the desired available movies, TV shows, and other entertainment options you want and start watching the chosen content.

How do I watch Netflix on Frontier Airlines?

While Frontier doesn't offer direct streaming of Netflix or any other third-party services, you can still enjoy Netflix shows and web series during your flight. Besides, if you want to watch Netflix on Frontier Airlines, consider following the points below: 

  • Be ready with your device: Before you board the flight, ensure that you carry a compatible device with the Netflix app already installed. The devices could be your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Board the aircraft: After you board your Frontier Airlines aircraft, find your seat, and you can settle in there.

  • Connect to the inflight Wi-Fi: Once the aircraft takes off and the inflight Wi-Fi service is available, you can enable the available Wi-Fi on your device. Then connect to the Frontier Airlines Wi-Fi network.

  • Launch the Netflix app: Now, you can open the Netflix app on your device. If you don't have the app installed already, you can download it first.

  • Sign in to your Netflix account: Then enter your Netflix login credentials to access your Netflix account.

  • Start streaming: After signing into your account, you can start browsing and streaming the library of movies and TV shows available on Netflix. You can choose the preferred title and enjoy your selected content during your journey. 


Frontier Airlines provides its passengers a comfortable and beautiful flying experience globally; however, they don't currently provide inflight entertainment. While screens on seats are not available on most of their planes now, the airline offers the option to stream entertainment content to passengers' personal devices via their inflight Wi-Fi service. Hopefully, you get answers to all your inflight entertainment queries. In case you still have any doubts or need more information in this regard, you can speak to the support team of Frontier Airlines directly. 

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