Does Kenya Airways allow pets in the cabin?

Many people worry about whether they can take their pets on flights. Most airlines allow pets to be taken on the flight but as checked baggage. Similarly, Kenya Airways allows you to bring your pet with you, but it will be accepted as cargo or checked baggage. You cannot bring it to the cabin. However, only a few exceptions exist for this policy. The Kenya Airways Pet Policy is discussed thoroughly in the article below. Kindly go through it carefully for a profound understanding. 

Can I Fly with My Dog to Kenya?

The airline does not allow live animals in the cabin. However, certain exceptions exist in the case of dogs. Emotional support or service dogs are accepted in the cabin. Trained dogs that assist people with disabilities, such as visual impairment or psychiatric disorders, will be accepted in the cabin by Kenya Airways. Such passengers must produce medical certificates issued by health professionals, dated within one year, which state that the emotional support dog is necessary for the passenger’s health during air travel. 

Provisions for emotional support or service dogs’ acceptance in the cabin

The following are the provisions according to which dogs are accepted in Kenya Airways flight cabins.

  1. Kenya Airways does not charge for bringing emotional support or service dogs in the cabin. 

  2. Only dogs that are well-trained to behave properly are acceptable. If it exhibits any disruptive behavior, the airline does not accept it. 

  3. Such dogs are accepted in the cabin without any cage or kennel, provided they are harnessed and do not engage a seat. 

  4. The pet must be seated at the feet of the passenger or the adjacent seat if and only if it is not occupied.

  5. Passengers with dogs cannot be seated in the exit rows. In contrast, they can choose any seat except the exit rows. 

  6. The emotional support or service dog must not block the aisle to not create inconvenience for other passengers.

What is the Pet Fee for Kenya Airways?

Kenya Airways accepts service or emotional support dogs free of charge. On the other hand, other live animals that are accepted as checked baggage or cargo attract a fee of around 50 to 200 USD depending on a number of factors.

How do I Add my pet to Kenya Airways Booking?

Now that you know about Kenya Airways' pet policy, exceptions, and fees, you should also learn about the process of adding your pet to your flight booking. You can add your pet during booking or even after making the booking. Both processes are discussed below. Kindly go through it carefully. 

During booking: 

An uncomplicated method is to add your pet at the beginning itself. To do so at the time of booking, you should follow the given steps.

  • Go to Kenya Airways’ website.

  • Search for flights on your desired route and select a preferred flight. 

  • Click the ‘Add Pet’ tab and mention the details of your pet. You should also mention if you will bring your own cage or require it from the airline. 

  • Continue with the further process carefully. 

  • Eventually, you should pay the booking amount and the pet fee. 

  • You shall receive a confirmation from Kenya Airways on your email ID. 

After Booking:

If you decide to take your pet on vacation after making the flight reservation, there is no need to worry. You can still do it in the Manage Booking section. Just go through the given process to know how to do it. 

  • Get to Kenya Airways’ website and click the Manage Booking tab. 

  • Enter your last name and booking reference or e-ticket number. 

  • Open your booking details and click the add pet option. 

  • Specify the information of your pet in the proper fields and submit it. 

  • You shall pay the pet fee incurred to complete the process. 

  • Kenya Airways will send a confirmation about your pet carriage on your registered email ID. 

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