How Can I Get in Touch with Turkish Airlines?

You can get in touch with the Turkish airline with the help of various channels such as mail, phone call, live chat, etc. The airline provides these sources of contacts on the airline's official sites, the help of which you can connect with the Turkish Airlines Customer Service, the service expert will guide you about the information of airline flight facilities such as flight cancellation, flight status, flight booking, etc. You can go through the different methods mentioned below.

Through Phone Call

The phone call option provides Turkish Airlines Phone Number +1 (800) 874-8875, the help of which you can get in touch with the airline personnel. The phone call option is the safest to connect with the airline customer service as every call gets recorded for verification and inspection purposes.

  • Visit the official site of the Turkish airline.
  • Then go on the contact us option.
  • After clicking, you will get the call us tab, tap on it.
  • You can get a toll-free number dial to it.

Now you are all set to connect through IVR, go through the instructions below.

  • Press 1 to check flight status.
  • Press 2 to manage your booking
  • Press 3 for baggage claim 
  • Press 4 to connect with the customer service representative.
  • Press # to disconnect the call.

 Turkish Airlines Phone Number's 

Turkey +90 444 0849
Spain +3 491 375 4189
Switzerland +4 184 844 4849
Algeria +21 398 320 0106
Argentina +54 115 984 2758
Austria +4 381 022 2849
Brazil +55 113 878 8199
China +86 105 697 1330
Colombia +571 486 4885
Denmark +453 314 4055
Singapore +90 212 444 0849
France +3 382 580 0902
Germany +49 698 679 9849
Finland +35 898 171 0849
Greece +30 211 990 2313
Hong Kong +8 523 071 1256
India +9100 800 050 1565
Iran +98 212 3546
Ireland +3 531 525 1849
Israel +972 180 945 3174
Italy +3 980 059 9111
Japan +8 136 837 2337
Lebanon +961 120 0471
Malaysia +6 032 053 1899
Mexico +52 551 036 1234
Netherlands +3 120 405 9636 
Norway +478 004 0849 
Saudi Arabia +966 800 811 0478 
South Africa +2 786 066 6828 
Sweden +4 685 199 9849
Tunisia +2 163 130 0362 
UK +44 203 991 1993
UAE +97180 003 570 4343

Through Live Chat 

The live chat option provides a live chat assistant by which you can discuss your query through the chat box, and the respective customer service executive will let you know about the suitable solution. 

  • Go through the homepage of the Turkish airline.
  • Then go to the contact us pointer tab.
  • After that, click on the chat us option, and the chat box will open.
  • Enter your details and start chatting with the live assistant regarding your query-related problem. 

Through Social Media 

The airline provides social media platforms where you can ask about the Turkish Airlines Contact Number. Many social media options, such as Twitter, Youtube, etc., where you can raise your query 24 hours without hesitation, and the community over there will help you find suitable solutions.

Browse through the web portal of the Turkish airline.

Then scroll at the end of the page to the follow us section and click on any of the links mentioned below.


These links will automatically open the official social handle account of the airline, where you can chat regarding your issue in their chat box.

Now the question Is Turkish Airlines customer service 24- 7? Yes, the airline customer service is available from Monday to Sunday. You call them without any hesitation from your house, kitchen, etc

Where is the Turkish Airlines Hub Located?

Turkish Airlines Head-Quarters : Ataturk Airport, Yesilkoy 34149 Istanbul Türkiye

Head-office Phone: +90 212 463 63 63

Fax Number: +90 212 465 21 21

How many destinations do Turkish Airlines fly to?

Turkish Airlines flies to 340 destinations in 129 countries, including 53 domestic and 12 in the United States.



Asia Afghanistan,Bahrain,Bangladesh,UAE,Indonesia,Philippines,South,Korea,India,Iraq,Iran,Kyrgyzstan,Japan




How do I Contact Turkish Airlines from Turkey?

While planning a trip with Turkish Airlines from Turkey and after that, you get surrounded by confusion or question and wish to seek resolution from the native customer service team. Then, you can dial +90 850 333 0 849 and follow the IVR menu such as this:-

  • Tap1 to select language 
  • Tap3 to change the flight
  • Tap9 to know about miles 
  • Tap# to speak with the customer service team. 

How do I Speak to a Live Person at Turkish Airlines?

While using the service offered by Turkish Airlines, if you have any sort f question or doubt that can be resolved by speaking to the live person, then you can dial this number 1 (800) 874-8875 or comply with the steps raised below to get the number as per regions.

  • Open Turkish Airline official website 
  • Further, click on the get in touch option. 
  • After that, select your region to get the number.

How do I Talk to Someone at Turkish Airlines?

When you have doubts about the Turkish Airline before using its facility or after or during the journey, you can have solutions by getting in touch with its customer service team.

  • Call:- when you have stuck into complex issues or require a solution on the spot, dial 1 (800) 874-8875 and speak with the customer service team for the resolutions.
  • Chat:- When you didn't get to the customer service by calling, you can use the live chat option and have instant solutions.
  • Email:- when you wish to speak with the Airline in writing, you can send your concern through email. And for that, you can use this email id 
  • Social media:- while using the above option didn't get you the customer service team, you can share your concerns via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

How can I Get Hold of Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airline cover domestic as well as international destinations. And if you wish to fly to any of the destinations with the Airline but have confusion or doubts regarding that, then by getting hold of airline customer service, you can have solutions. Further, the option for that is as follows:-

  • To contact via call, you can dial this number 1 (800) 874-8875
  • And to contact via email, you can use this email address
  • For the social media platform, you can use any of these accounts, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • You can also use the feedback form and the live chat options.

Is Turkish Airlines customer service 24 7?

Yes, the Turkish Airline customer service operates 24/7. But this time duration might not be similar for every mode, such as call, email, chat, feedback, and social media. The operations hours of the Airline might vary according to the number you have selected. 

How do I Call Turkish Turkey from the USA?

On Turkish Airlines, you can have the phone number according to country. If you are using the airline services from the USA and wish to communicate with the customer service of that region, then you get to dial this number 1 (800) 874-8875. After that follows the IVR options such as this:-

  • Press1 to choose a language 
  • Press3 for flight change 
  • Press9 to know about miles
  • Press0 to speak with customer service  

How Can I Contact Turkish Airlines From Different Places?

Turkish Airlines is the air passenger shuttle of turkey. We will provide information on how passengers can get in touch with Turkish airlines worldwide.or, you can call their headquarters contact number to know about the airlines.

How do I Call Turkish Airlines From Ukraine?

If a passenger faces any challenge while commuting to Ukraine or on their way back from Ukraine, you can contact them via call on Turkish Airlines Ukraine Phone Number. The passenger can get them regarding the queries like change in their plans, want to increase their luggage allowance, want to upgrade their reservation or anything. The passenger can dial the Turkish Airlines Ukraine toll-free contact number available on their website, +380 893 243849. But by any chance, if the airline missed your call, you can always request them to call back by filling out their form on their official website. All you need to do is fill in all the details asked in the state and wait till they contact you.

How do I Call Turkish Airlines Internationally?

Passengers have the facility to get in touch with the airlines from anywhere, anytime. No matter when live, representatives will always be there to please their clientele. All the contact numbers are available on their website. Follow the steps if you wish to contact them.

  • Open their official website.
  • Visit their help and contact page.
  • After arriving on their contact us page, you will find the tab to browse the number of any call center on their official website. 
  • Search the country you wish to contact, and you will find the contact details and make the call on the prescribed number to discuss the queries.

How do I Call Turkish Airlines From the US?

Passengers can follow the steps mentioned above to reach out to airlines from the US. Regardless of the query you have in your mind, they will try their best to assist you and help you out by providing you with numerous solutions. All the numbers on their website are toll-free, meaning travelers don't need to pay extra to connect with the company. You can call the airlines from the US at +1-800-874 8875. 

How can I Call Turkish Airlines for Free?

The airlines have provided toll-free contact numbers to their passengers so that the passengers can call them without considering their decision twice. Toll-free numbers help the customers to connect with them without paying to make the call. If the passengers cannot find the customer service contact number from where they wish to contact, then they can call their headquarter number +90 212 463 63 63. Follow the steps to find their number on their website.

  • Go to their website.
  • Open their contact us page, or you can directly click on the provided web address
  • After arriving on their contact us page, you will find their headquarter number on their webpage or make a call on the number given above. 

How do I Contact Turkish Airlines in Lebanon?

Turkish Airlines has provided their office in every possible country. Passengers can contact them from anywhere they wish; you can follow the steps to find Lebanon's contact number from their official webpage by following the steps provided:

  • Land on the Turkish airline authorized website or click on this link. 

  • After clicking on the provided link, you can go to their contact us page. After opening their help and contact us page, we have already mentioned the link above. 
  • After opening their contact us page, you can search the country and will find the contact details of Lebanon. 

How do I Call Turkish Airlines by Call Center?

Travelers can contact the airlines by calling their call center contact number. The passengers can find the reachable number on their official website. You can dial their fax number +90 212 465 21 21 to connect with the airlines.


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