How do I Get an Allegiant Voucher?

Allegiant voucher is a coupon or credit given by the airline to its passengers that can only be used for the goods and services provided by Allegiant Airlines. The passengers get the voucher from the airlines when they cancel their flight tickets or when there is a flight departure delay due to the airline's fault. The airlines provide the Allegiant voucher as a refund, mostly for non-refundable flight tickets. The passengers can redeem an airline voucher to make a purchase of a new flight ticket or get any type of additional goods and services with the same airline.

Terms and Conditions to Use Allegiant Voucher

  • The passengers must know a few rules before using their Allegiant voucher code, which is mentioned here for you as follows.
  • The passengers will not get any voucher or refund of their flight ticket if they get marked as 'no show' by the airline. 
  • The passengers would not be liable to get the voucher or refund if they didn't cancel the flight ticket under the standard time.
  • The passengers will not be liable to get the voucher if they rebook their flight by paying the fare difference.
  • If the flight ticket is booked under trip flex fare, in that case, the airline will not charge the cancellation charges, and the passengers will get the voucher for their complete ticket amount. 
  • The vouchers issued by the airline are non-refundable and non-transferable; the passengers can only use them to book a new flight ticket.
  • If the passengers make the cancellation of their flight ticket within 24 hours of booking in that case, they will get a complete refund of the flight ticket. In case they don't claim their refund, in that case, they will be liable to get the Allegiant voucher refund for their complete flight ticket.

The Process of Using the Allegiant Voucher 

  • Get onto the official website of Allegiant Air and click on the 'flight' option from the top tab.
  • Once you get onto the reservation page, select the airport from which you wish to travel, as well as your arriving airport. 
  • Select the date, time, and a number of passengers to process further. 
  • Once you click the search button available flight on your chosen date will appear on your screen. 
  • Select the flight and process to choose among, basic, bonus, and total fare.
  • The process is to fill in the details, after which you'll get redirected to the payment page. 
  • Click on the voucher column to fill out the Allegiant promotional codes, and the amount of the voucher will automatically get deducted from your ticket amount. 

How do I Find my Vouchers on Allegiant?

You can get access to your Allegiant travel voucher by logging into your 'My Allegiant Account.' If you cannot get your voucher number, write a mail to for assistance.

Do Allegiant Vouchers Expire?

Yes, the Allegiant voucher will expire within one year from the date it's issued. 

Can I Get My Money Back Instead of a Travel Voucher?

No, as the Allegiant flight vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable, the passengers can only use them to make a reservation for a new flight or to avail of any additional services.

Can You Sell Your Allegiant Voucher?

No, the vouchers can't be transferred or sold it can only be used by the passengers in whose name it is issued. 

How do I Extend My Allegiant Voucher?

The passengers are not allowed to extend their vouchers. It is only possible when the other flight booked by the passengers gets canceled by the airline. 

How Long is an Allegiant Voucher Good For?

The vouchers are allowed to be used for one year counted from the date on which it's issued.

Does Allegiant Give Vouchers For Delays?

Yes, the airline provides Allegiant credit vouchers for the delay in their flight departure at the fault of the airline.

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