How Do I Talk To Someone at Hawaiian Airlines?

How Do I get in touch with Hawaiian Airlines?

Visiting and exploring places tends to be more exciting to the passengers when they get good deals with the airline through which they make their journey towards the specified destination. Most of the airlines that operate worldwide have created networks and deals, keeping the passengers as the central focus for it all. Hawaiian Airlines has all the above-mentioned facilities and features, making it a preferred airline for flights by passengers. 

For a passenger who wishes to make their booking with Hawaiian Airlines, they first need to understand how to speak to the representatives so as to get the best deals available with them and successfully reserve a seat with the airline. Indeed, the best mode to speak to someone is through a call. Leaf through the details that have been provided below so as to get an insight into the entire process of calling:

  • Ruffle through the official website of Hawaiian Airlines. 

  • Tap on the Contact Us link provided at the top end of the page. If the passenger is not able to find it, the option is also available at the bottom end of the page under the Customer Support tab.

  • The contact page will be displayed with all the available communication channels through which the passenger can make the connection.

  • Scroll across the options provided, and select the call directory link provided.

  • From all the numbers given for different regions, select the one as per your preference. 

  • Dial and connect at 1-800-367-5320, where after a certain waiting time, the passenger will get to connect with a representative from the team of experts with the airline.

  • Follow through with the instructions being provided to successfully get the required information.

Passengers should always keep it in their mind to place a call within the customer service hours with the airline. Hawaiian Airlines is quite flexible in providing their service as per passenger needs at any time of the day. Their calling lines are ready to take up calls all through the week. 

How Do I Get Through to Hawaiian Airlines?

One of the best ways to get through Hawaiian Airlines for the required assistance is through the process of sending an email. The steps that need to be followed precisely to send an email to the passenger are given below as described:

  • Skim across the main page of Hawaiian Airlines to find the Contact Us icon.

  • Tap on it to subsequently access the contact information provided.

  • Go over all the detailed methods given by clicking on the Email form.

  • Select the subject for making a request through email with the airline.

  • Furthermore, select the Topic and Subtopic and fill in all the necessary details along with the required attachments as per the form provided. 

  • Make the final submission after a careful review of the information that has been filled out.

  • The representatives with the airline will get back with the required response after careful review and analysis of the particulars shared.

The process of sending an email is a bit more time-consuming than placing a call, as the response time with the airline varies in accordance with the type of request made.

What is the Main Phone Number for Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines has provided specific phone numbers pertaining to the queries that can arise from the passenger side. The main phone number with Hawaiian Airlines is 1-800-367-5320, where the agents working with the airline will get connected to passengers to provide the necessary attributes. They will also redirect the call in accordance with the requisite that has been made.

Do I Need to Pay for Texting Hawaiian Airlines?

The passenger has the choice of sending a text to the airline in case they would like to pick out a different method of contact. The text needs to be sent at 38285, where an acknowledgment will be made by the agents with Hawaiian Airlines between 5 am to 11 pm HST. The airline does not charge any additional cost for texting from the passengers. But the charges can be made by the cellular operators as per the data plan and rates.

How Can I Get Through Hawaiian Airlines by Chat?

The following approach needs to be made by the passenger to access Hawaiian Airlines by Chat which is:

  • Go to the start page of Hawaiian Airlines.

  • Scan over the page to find the Contact Us tab and tap on it.

  • The ensuing page will give an understanding of the various ways of contact for the airline. 

  • See-through it to find the Chat icon, tapping on which they will be able to retire the dialogue box.

  • The passengers can type in the guidance and support essential for them, and swift responses will be received.

In the case of Chat, the assistants are available 24*7, which allows the passenger to chat with them as per their suitability at any time and day of the week. This method of communication is most preferable in terms of the ease with which a revert will be obtained.

How do I follow Hawaiian Airlines on Social Media?

Hawaiian Airlines allows the passenger to connect with them through the social media pages where the latest updates and information is published, which the passenger can follow through. The links for the social media platforms for the airline are provided at the bottom end of the landing page. The airline is quite active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They can follow any one of these pages at their convenience by clicking on the links with the additional feature to make a post by mentioning them through the tags.

What is the Hawaiian Airlines phone number for Different Locations?

Hawaiian Airlines has provided a distinct phone number as per the location selected and the region to which the passenger belongs. The list of numbers is given as follows:

For USA and Canada:

There are various calling numbers available as per the demand, which are:

  • For Reservations: 1-800-367-5320

  • For Connecting to Service Center: 1-877-HA-MILES (1-877-426-4537)

  • For Booking Vacations: 1-844-762-0089

  • For Service Related to Baggage: 1-866-389-6654

For Asia :

The number for placing a call with different countries from Asia is:

  • Japan: 0570-018-011 between 9:15 am to 5:30 pm JST (Monday-Friday)

  • China : (10) 6595-0066 between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST (Monday-Friday)

  • Singapore: +65 6223-8377 between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PHT (Monday-Friday)

Conclusion: The passenger will now have a fair idea of how the airline works for support required.

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