How Do you Fly with a Big Dog in Air Canada?

Air Canada Pet Policy:Dogs/Cats

Air Canada airline allows its passengers to bring their cats or dog on the aircraft;

  • however, they should be small enough to turn around and sit under the seat in front of
  • the passenger. Informing the airline that you are bringing your pet with you is necessary
  • so that they can arrange things. As per air Canada pet policy, passengers cannot get their pet in certain situations: 
  • If the passenger is an unaccompanied minor. 
  • If the passenger is seated in an exit or bulkhead row.
  • If the passenger uses a medical device, that must be placed under your seat. 
  • If passengers are traveling on a premium economy flight ticket. 

What Is The Pet Policy Of Air Canada?

If you own a pet, you should be familiar with the provisions of the airline's pet policy. This knowledge will help you travel with your pet without any last-minute hassle. Read through the given terms and conditions before adding your pet to your flight:

  • Only cats and small dogs are allowed.
  • The pet should be at least 12 weeks old. 
  • Try to inform the airline about your pet within 24 hours of booking.
  • Arrive at the airport thirty minutes before your check-in time.
  • The pet will stay in the carrier all the time.
  • The pet should have all the relevant documents that your destination will need. 

To gain more information about the terms and conditions of the policy, continue reading the blog. 

Can I Buy a Seat for my dog on Air canada?

No, a seat cannot be reserved for a dog in Air Canada. Your dog will be considered the one standard carry-on item allowed to bring on board. It must be ensured by the passengers that their pet must remain in its closed carrier under the passenger seat. The pet carrier should be comfortable and big enough to stand up, turn around and lie down. The airline will refuse your pet's travel if they find the carrier small for them. The carrier and the animal's combined weight must not exceed 45kg/100 lbs. 

Maximum Carrier Size: 
Hard Size:  Height 9 inches (23 cm), Width 15.5 inches (40 cm), Length 21.5 inches ( 55 Cm)
Soft Size: Height 10.5 inches ( 27 cm), Width 15.5 inches (40 cm), Length 21.5 inches ( 55 cm).

If your pet and his carrier do not qualify for the set standard to travel in the cabin, in that case, they will be considered checked baggage. 

How do you Fly with a Big Dog in Air Canada?

Pets that are too large are not allowed to travel in the cabin. They will be considered checked luggage or manifest cargo. Avoid flying with your dog as "checked luggage" when the ground temperature is likely to be below 40ºF (4°C) or above 80ºF (21°C).

Can My Dog sit on my Lap during a flight Air Canada?

No, Air Canada authority prohibits passengers from keeping their pets on their lap. The pet should all-time remain inside the carrier. The pets cannot roam outside the carrier while on the plane. The carrier should also be placed under the seat in front of the passengers, not in your lap, in an overhead bin, or anywhere else. 

How strict is Air Canada with Dogs?

Yes, Air Canada is strict with dogs. It can refuse your dog travel in case of illness, poor kenneling, aggressive behavior, the extreme temperature at the origin, transfer, or domestic airport. Additionally, until the passenger has paid fees of $50 USD per direction for flights within Canada and Canada/US (except Hawaii), a fee of $100.00 must be paid for international flights. 

Does Air Canada require a pet Health Certificate?

No, Air Canada does not ask for a pet health certificate but ensure you adhere to all the other terms and conditions related to the airline's pet policy. In the matter of any questions, you can contact air canada customer service at 1-514-395-0300. The airline's customer care team will provide you with further information on what needs to be followed as a guardian of a pet.  

Can I Carry on a Cat with Air Canada?

Yes, travelers can carry a cat with Air Canada. There are many passengers who want to travel with their cats but do not have sufficient knowledge about the same. They must consider the following details and also reach Air Canada customer service to inform them about tier pets in advance. 

Air Canada Cat Policies:

Those passengers who are planning to carry their pet friend to any destination are expected to go through and follow the important pet policies set by Air Canada:

  • Travelers are only permitted to carry one cat in the cabin class and two in the baggage compartment. 

  • Passengers must ensure the cat is fully weaned and at least 10 weeks old.

  • Air Canada does not permit minors traveling alone to carry pets along with them in the cabin.

  • If any passenger is seated in the exit row or bulkhead row, then he cannot take his cat to the cabin.

  • Passengers traveling in premium economy or those who require medical devices are also not permitted to carry their pets in cabin class.

Things to be Noted about Carrying a Cat on Air Canada:

If any traveler wishes to carry a cat along with him, then he must note important points that are given below:

  • Travelers must report to the airport at least 30 minutes before scheduled check-in time since air canada does not allow travelers traveling with cats to check in at self-check-in kiosks or online. 

  • Passengers must inform Air Canada in advance about their pets.

  • Travelers must make sure they register their pets within 24 hours of flight bookings.

  • If your cat or other pet is not registered with Air Canada in advance, then they will not be allowed to be transported at the airport.

 How to Fly with a Cat on Air canada?

If you are considering taking along your cat on an Air Canada flight, then you need to follow the instructions described below:

  • Make your own Air Canada flight bookings.

  • Soon after, contact Air Canada Reservations to inform about your cat.

  • Provide information like the dimension of your carrier, breed, and weight of your pet.

  • Make sure you register your pet within the initial 24 hours of bookings.

  • Reach the airport on time and mark the checklist with a dealing representative. 

  • Also, provide your pet's medical certificates. 

How Much Does it Expense to Fly a Cat on Air Canada?

Customers must pay chargers to carry their cat on an Air Canada flight. The price might fluctuate depending on various factors like destination and distance. If any customer is traveling to any domestic destination, then he is required to pay an approximate value of $50-59. On the other hand, for international destinations, the price might be in the range of $100-$118. The exact quotation can be received by contacting customer services. 

Air Canada Cat Carrier Size:

Travelers must always note the carrier size to carry their pets; the following is some of the relevant details:

  • The total liner size must not exceed 292 cm

  • They can only carry weight up to 45 kg.

  • If the weight or dimension exceeds the limit set, then they are required to make additional payments which might be somewhere between 105-120 dollars for domestic and 270-318 for international destinations

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