How do I Contact Jetstar Directly

Jetstar Airways is a low-cost carrier based in Australia. It is known for its low fares and safety protocols. If you are also flying with Jetstar Airways and facing roadblocks during booking your new reservation, editing your already booked reservation, or any other challenge. You can freely dial Jetstar Airlines Customer Service. The company will help you resolve your query in the best way possible.

Different Modes through Which You Can Contact the Airlines:

Via chat: if the passenger doesn't want to bang their heads on the table just because of the long waiting queue. Then chat is the best alternative that you can use to get in touch with the company. Passengers can follow the steps to learn more about the chat service.

  • Visit their official website. 
  • Open their get in touch with us page.
  • After landing on that page, you will see the chat icon on the right corner. Click on that.
  • After clicking on that, a chat box will appear, and passengers can explain their query to the human assistant.
  • Human assistance will help you to get real-time solutions to your query. Along with the solution, they will provide you with relevant links for your query.

Via call: call is the fastest way to get connected with the airlines and the most commonly used method by the elderly population of the world. Call helps the passenger to explain themselves in their native language, which makes them explain their query in a better way. Follow the steps to know Jetstar Airlines Phone Number.

  • Land on their authentic website.
  • Visit their get in touch with us page.
  • After that, you will be able to see the toll-free number of the airline, 1866 397 8170. Make a call on that. Then immediately, you must select the language you want to proceed further. Soon IVR will lead the call for you and ask you to dial the number according to your query. After dialing the number, wait till any customer service representative gets in touch with you. To ease the IVR process, you can follow the steps provided below for you:
  1. Dial 1 for new bookings
  2. Dial 2 to know the current status of your flight
  3. Dial 3 to cancel the flight
  4. Dial 4 for a refund 
  5. Dial 8 to talk to the live representative
  • After they get in touch with you, explain your query, and they will help you in no time.

Jetstar Airlines Phone Number's


Phone Number

Working Hours


+1866 397 8170/+613 9645 5999

Mon to Sun (6 am – 10 pm)


131 538

Mon to Sun


0570 550 538/050 3163 8538

Mon to Sun (9.00am to 9.00pm)


+855 92 398 333/+613 9645 5999

Mon to Sat (8.00am to 6.00pm)


4001 201 260/+613 9645 5999

Mon to Fri (9.00am to 6.00pm)

Hong Kong SAR

+852 3192 7451/+613 9645 5999

Mon to Fri, (9.00am to 6.00pm)


+00801 852 015/+613 9645 5999

Mon to Fri, (9.00am to 6.00pm)


008 002 171/+613 9645 5999

Mon to Sun


+613 9645 5999

Mon to Sun


1800 813 090/+613 9645 5999

Mon to Sun  


+95 9 42111 6662/+95 9 42111 6663

Mon to Fri, (9.00am to 5.00pm)


+64 9975 9426/0800 800 995

Mon to Sun


1800 1611 0280/+613 9645 5999

Mon to Sun


+65 6499 9702

Mon to Fri, (9.00am to 6.00pm)


66 2267 5125/001 800 611 2957/+613 9645 5999

Mon to Fri, (8:30am to 5:30pm)




Through social media: This is the last way through which you can get in touch with the airline through direct messaging the airline on their social platforms. The airline is active throughout the day on their social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Soon they will connect with you.


How do I Speak to Someone at Jetstar Airways?

You can talk to someone at Jetstar Airways by making a call to Jetstar Airlines Contact Number, chat, or social media platforms. They are active on globally recognized social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You will be able to find their social media handles on their official website. To ease the process, you can follow the steps given above. 

Where is Jetstar's head office?

Jetstar airways’ have three main offices – Australia, Singapore or Japan

                                Jetstar Corporate Addresses
Australia: PO Box 4713, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia
Japan: Narita International Airport Terminal 3, Narita, Chiba, 282-0006, Japan
Singapore: Singapore Changi Airport T1, PO Box 323, Singapore 918144


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