What are the charges for extra baggage on Saudi Airlines?

The Saudi airline is one of the significant carriers which provide flight options at a very affordable price so that one can grab a pocket-friendly journey with loved ones in case you have extra baggage. Then, in that case, you can go through the Saudi Airlines Baggage Policy, which will let you know about the terms and conditions for crying excess luggage or baggage. You can follow the below-written policies.

These policies are made under the supervision of the Saudi airline's authority. These policies maintain a trustworthy and healthy relationship between airline staff and clients.

 Saudi Airlines Baggage Team & Conditions 

  • The airline allowed one piece of baggage in first and business classes, which should not exceed 32 kg ( 70lbs).
  • For guest class, the weight of one piece of baggage should not exceed 23 kg (50lbs). Moreover, the whole weight should not exceed 32 kg (70lbs), and around 36.70$ is the excess baggage fee per piece.
  • But the airline allowed weight relaxation on the baggage in case of infants for economy class; the weight of one piece of luggage must not exceed 23kg (50lbs).
  • For business and first classes, the airline allowed one piece of baggage that should not exceed 32kg(70lbs). Excess baggage is not permitted on infant tickets.
  • In the case of dimensions, one piece of baggage should not exceed 158cm. In case the dimension of a piece of luggage exceeds 158 cm and less than 205cm, then the airline will charge around 76.46 $ for exceeding the size limit.
  • If the baggage exceeds 205 cm, it will be shipped through cargo.

Saudi Airlines Extra Luggage Charges:

These are some policies regarding the baggage allowance mentioned above; now, you can go through Saudi Airlines Extra Baggage Fee listed by the airline authority. Moreover, you can pay through different modes of payment because the airline has provided other payment gateways.

  • The airline charges around 100 $ for each piece of baggage exceeding the size limit from 158cm(62 inches) to 205 cm(80 inches).
  • In case the size limit of baggage exceeds 205 cm (80 inches) to 300 cm (118cm), then the airline charges around 67$.
  • If the dimensions exceed 300cm (118inch) and the weight is more than 32kg, it will be shipped through cargo.
  • For Canada, the airline will charge around 89 dollars on each piece of luggage that exceeds approved dimensions.

The fees may vary in the case of domestic flights, where you need to pay an extra charge of 26.60 $ for exceeding the approved dimension, which is from 205cm (80 inches) to 300cm (118 inches).

Here also, if the dimensions exceed 300 cm(18 inches) and the weight is more than 32 kg (70lb), it will transfer through cargo.

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