What is the Weight Limit for Baggage on SAA?

Suppose you are doing a job and you get promoted and transfer as well, then you need to shift from one country to another due to which a lot of luggage you need to carry. All the airlines have their luggage policies, and if your luggage is not as their policies, you cannot receive a boarding pass. While traveling with South Africa Airways, you can avail of several benefits like offers, vouchers, complete packages, etc. You must carry your luggage as per the South Africa airways baggage policy, and if you know it, you can read the statements below. 

 You only receive the boarding pass if your luggage follows their policies. The check-in time starts before 4 hours and ends before 1 hour for an international destination. For the domestic destination, the check time starts before 2 hours and 45 minutes. 

The baggage policies of South Africa Airways will depend upon the seat type of the passenger and the special assistance they are getting. The number of bags will change as per the route and destination of the flight. 

For Standard Class Booking: 

You can carry one carry-on bag whose weight is under 6 kg, and its size easily fits in the cabin compartment of a flight. You can also take one checked bag weighing 20kg and with dimensions under 19 to 23 inches. 

For Business Class Bookings:

If you have business class bookings, you can take two carry-on bags, which are around 8kg. For business class bookings, the full checked bag allowed by South Africa Airways is two, under 25 to 27 inches. 

For Premium Bookings:

Those passengers who make the premium bookings can carry two carry-on bags which weigh under 9 kg and three checked bags that weigh under 28 to 32 inches. 

For Extra Luggage:

To carry an extra bag, you need to pay the South African Airways additional baggage cost, which will depend upon the extra bags you are taking and their sizes. You also have to pay the bills if you carry sports equipment like a bat, racket, etc. The fee can vary, and it changes according to the departure airport and destination airport. 

How Many Luggage are Allowed in South Africa?

You can carry three bags under 32kg for premium bookings, two for business bookings under 27 kilograms, and one bag under 23 kg for economy bookings. If you are getting some medical treatments or having any medical issues, you have to take the permission of the representatives of South Africa airways. You can also call on customer service number 00 27 11 978 2888 and get the help of South Africa Airways customer service. 

How Much does Baggage Cost in South Africa?

  • The charges that you need to pay for extra luggage in economy class bookings are between 25 to 32 USD
  • For business class bookings, you need to pay 35USD to 40SUSD per additional bag. 
  • If you have a reservation for premium class bookings, you need to pay 40USD to 45USD. 

What Happens If Your Luggage is Overweight South Africa?

If your luggage is not as per the policies of South Africa airways and at the time of check-in it is found overweight, you need to pay the charges or fee. If you have some unwanted things in your luggage, you can remove them.

You will get information about the South African Airways extra baggage cost by reading above. Suppose you still have some issues, then you can also connect with the official representatives of South Africa airways and seek complete guidance. 

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