How do I Use a Turkish Voucher?

Turkish Airlines have a scheme to provide vouchers or reward points to the passengers that often travel with Turkish Airlines. So, if you also have the Turkish Airlines voucher, you should refer to the information below. As it contains a mini help book associated with a Turkish Airlines voucher

Process To Apply Turkish Airlines Voucher 

The best way to use a Turkish Airlines voucher is to book a future trip with the same voucher you received. Follow the steps written below for no matter whatever kind of voucher you have, be it Turkish airlines voucher refund or any other, you have to follow the steps written below: 

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines. 
  • On the webpage, you will find the book flights option, where you have to fill in your departure city, destination, date and time, and all other information. And then click on the search option. Then, you will have a lot of flight options to choose from. 
  • Choose one for you. You are to click on the one that suits you the best. 
  • Then, you are to take this to the payment page. 
  • On the payment page, you will have the option to pay for your flight in various ways, and one of them would be using vouchers. You will be able to use it and enter the Turkish airlines voucher code as soon as you are done with the process from your end. You will see the payment taking a few seconds to process your request. 
  • You will receive a confirmation mail when your payment is made. The confirmation mail will consist of the complete information regarding your flight details. 

Turkish Airlines Voucher Use (Terms & Conditions) 

Now, there are various rules you have to follow to use a Turkish Airlines voucher; you are supposed to follow them because the rules are the protocols to use a Turkish Airlines voucher, and they are known as the Turkish airline's voucher policyYou can be acquainted with them as they are written below:

  • You can only get three vouchers for one passenger. And the voucher should only be used for the name it has been issued.  
  • If your voucher does not cover the cost of your flight, then you will have to pay more through other methods. However, if it exceeds the flight cost, you will receive the remaining amount in the newly generated one-time voucher. 
  • A Turkish airlines voucher number issued for a domestic flight should only be used for a domestic flight, and the same goes for International flight vouchers. 
  • The travel vouchers can only be used for online ticket payments, and they can’t be used for reservations, pay and fly, and additional services. 
  • The voucher is only applicable on flights operated by Turkish Airlines and invalid on Codeshare or SPA flights. 

 The above was the Turkish airline's voucher rules to use a voucher. You should know them as they will only benefit you. 


So, the above is how you can apply for and use Turkish airlines’ vouchers. Also, you will find that the Turkish airline's voucher request can be made by calling the airline, And if you have any other problems, you can also talk to Turkish Airlines. 

How Long are Turkish Airlines Vouchers Valid For?

The flight voucher with Turkish airlines is issued in the name of the original owner of the ticket. Once they get the voucher, many passengers look for the Turkish Airlines voucher validity period to use it accordingly. The voucher is valid for almost two years from the date of issuance, and you can use it in future reservations. Although, you can extend the voucher validity to your preferred time for the best flight experience for the suitable destination. 

How do I Get a Voucher for Turkish Airlines?

Turkish issues the voucher according to the reservation and destination. Thus, the following are the conditions under which you will get the Turkish airlines voucher:

  • If you book the non-refundable flight ticket and cancel the same, you will get the Turkish airlines voucher. 
  • Turkish airlines issue vouchers to some particular destinations online on their website. 
  • You need to book the flight in advance to get the voucher. The previous you reserve the ticket, the more choices you will get. 

Can I Buy Someone a Turkish Flight Voucher?

No, you cannot buy someone a Turkish flight voucher. You will get the voucher according to the terms and conditions available on their website. You can also connect with their customer service team to buy someone a Turkish airlines voucher. 

How to Apply for Turkish Airlines Voucher?

If you want to apply the voucher to your ticket, you need to follow some points. Following are the steps to use the Turkish airline's flight voucher to your destination:

  • You must make the flight booking online at the Turkish airline's website.
  • You need to add the voucher information in detail on the payment screen. 
  • When you tap on the continue button, your payment will be processed from the voucher.
  • If additional flight payment is needed, you need to pay accordingly. 
  • You will immediately receive the confirmation at your registered email ID. 


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