Does Turkish Airlines have free Wi-Fi?

Yes, Turkish Airlines does offer passengers the option to use free Wi-Fi service onboard, as with this complimentary option, you will get an inflight messaging option that is quite relevant and prominent to use and receive assistance for help. To access the Wi-Fi service, you are supposed to connect with the Turkish Airlines loyalty program, as this option is free. Alternate to this, you can enroll in a flight and then use the free Wi-Fi service.

Besides this, unlimited free messaging can quickly be done with the help of using a few mediums: WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, and others. However, I suggest gathering some necessary information about the Wi-Fi service plans which are in-flight at Turkish Airlines. In that case, you must read the following list of points, as you will be getting a complete summary accordingly.

  • According to Turkish Airlines, business class travelers who have Miles&Smile Elite or Elite Plus members are surely going to receive unlimited free Wi-Fi service. 
  • Moreover, travelers who are not plan members and do travel in business class will receive 1GB of free Wi-Fi service. 
  • Further to this Miles&Smiles Elite or Elite Plus members are not going to receive in business class 400 MB of free Wi-Fi plus a free messaging option.
  • Miles&Smiles Classic Plus members also receive the option of 250MB of free Wi-Fi plus free messaging service for access to laptops and other features. 

How Do I Connect to Turkish Airlines Wi-Fi?

To connect with Turkish Airlines Wi-Fi service, you will have to follow a basic set of points which are clearly mentioned below for your reference, and once you connect with such points, proper help is made quite prominently.

  • After you board the Turkish Airlines flight
  • You will have to turn on your device (laptop, smartphone, and iOS device) and then turn on the Wi-Fi tab while in flight mode. 
  • Choose and connect from the “Turk Telekom Wi-Fi” wireless network from the page. 
  • Next, you have to start an internet browser from your device. 
  • Now click on the internet button and receive assistance from the browser with the Wi-Fi services.

How Much does it Cost to buy Wi-Fi for Turkish Airlines?

Now, to gather information for the cost, the customer will have to read the below information, and you will be getting a complete summary of the Wi-Fi services, which you will have to pay out to get from Turkish Airlines. 

  • 100 MB - $8
  • 250 MB - $15
  • Unlimited internet service for short-haul flights - $15 
  • For long haul journeys, unlimited internet - $ 15.

How to Buy Wi-Fi on Turkish Airlines?

If you need to buy Wi-Fi services, then you are supposed to have access to internet passes which you can purchase at the time of ticket purchase as this feature is available online. At the same time, if you are facing issues with the same query, then you can visit the airport help desk at the Turkish airline counter, and you will get help accordingly. In addition, customers can also install the Turkish Airlines application and get Wi-Fi services for help by following a few simple steps as prompted on the application.

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